Anadolu Hospitals were established by honorable Dr. Hayati Arkaz, when he founded Private Anadolu Clinic in 1988, the first private clinic in Avcılar. In 1991, Private Avcılar Anadolu Hospital has started to operate in fields like detailed imaging center, adult and pediatric intensive care units, operating rooms, delivery rooms and biochemistry laboratory services. Due to being the first private capital investment in health in Avcılar Region, Private Avcılar Anadolu Hospital has pioneered private hospitals sector as being one of the first private hospitals in Turkey.

In the following years, Anadolu Hospitals have broadened its network of service by establishing hospitals, policlinics and dialysis centers in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey. The establishment continued its pioneer investments in health by activating the first fully fledged private hospitals in Silivri, Çanakkale, Zonguldak and Çorlu and it became one of the oldest and well established health corporations of Turkey.

Anadolu Hospitals is an establishment that has over 20-year experience in the field of health. Besides keeping on giving service in all branches, it also continues to make new investments that will give direction to the sector. When completed, “Private Gaziosmanpaşa Anadolu Hospital” which will have the title of being the biggest private hospital of Turkey because of having 56.000 m2 covered area and 500 bed capacity, will perform services in In Vitro Fertilization, Organ Transplantation, Cardiovascular Surgery, Dialysis, Oncology and all other branches.

Anadolu Hospitals will continue to follow its path in rapidly growing health sector abiding its corporate management principles in order to fulfill qualified and reliable health necessities and provide technological support to our people.